Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Indian railways: Pathetic State

Ahmedabad Divison
Western Railway


I would like to give my comments on the functioning of the Ahmedabad railway station.

1. As soon as the person stands in front of the ticket counter he/she is approached by pimp (middle man) who is ready to provide berth in any class in any train of course on some premium. I wonder why do we need to have railway police or ticket counter.
2. Asking complain book is considered sin at this railway station (though the situation is not very good at other railway stations of India also). Passenger is harassed so much that he finally gives up the idea of writing complains. It really requires heroic efforts from the individuals.
3. Various vendors at railway station decide the rates by themselves, when asked for complain book one will be seen as animal from different planet.
4. Now finally some how if you have managed to get in to train, you will be welcomed by
, who can even slap you if you don’t pay them the money.
5. If some body is having a waiting, soon after he gets his/her latest waiting status from TTE, he/ she is approached by Pimp who offers a confirmed berth again for some premium. This clearly indicates a strong nexus between railway staff and pimps.

All this happens before the train departs from this station. I have not lost my faith in the system though most of the people have. I will request you to take actions to stop these this kind of incidents. Please don’t reply with thank you note stating that my complain will be looked in to.

With Regards
Ex Flt LT Nilesh Gupta (India Air Force)

Copy to:
1. Sr. DGM (Vigilance), Western Railway Headquarters Office, Mumbai Central
2. General Manager (Commercial), Western Railway Headquarters Office, Mumbai Central
3. Member (Traffic), Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, New Delhi
4. CVC, Vigilance Department Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.