Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NTSE Stage -1 result fiasco

SIERT has forgot to check the SAT OMRs of hundreds of unfortunate students even second time and now not ready to accept the fault , the matter has come to notice after an application was put under RTI ( Right to Information ) Act
I will write the complete story about blatant misuse of authority by SIERT Udaipur soon on my blog

SIERT forgets to process the SAT OMR sheets of students

SIERT forgets to process the SAT OMR sheets of students 

 SIERT has provided the zerox copy of the OMR sheet of NTSE stage -1 appeared student under right to information (RTI) act, However SIERT HAS SPOILED THE CAREER OF STUDENTS .It seems that SIERT has misplaced the OMRs of these unfortunate students .In a case which has come into notice under RTI , Kushal Babel ( NTSE Roll No. 130103201347) is a brilliant student and was very confident of clearing stage -1 examination ,however he was shocked to see his roll number missing from the list. He used RTI to access his OMR sheet , he and his family ran from pillar to post to get access to OMR sheet and when they finally got the OMR of kushal ,they saw OMR sheet of the students has been tempered with .In order to prove that Kushal is not selected, SIERT has changed 13 right bubbles to wrong one and 10 bubbles were doubles marked . I am attaching the scanned copy of the OMR.

You can see your self SIERT people first tried to erase the right one but when they saw that bubbles are getting erased they started filling the double bubbles. So Kushal who was supposed to score 143 marks got only 120 marks only.