Friday, August 07, 2009

Many Takers for IIT-R except Rajasthan

Times of India : 07-08-09 : As the Rajasthan Government has not been able to decide the final Location for IIT-Rajasthan. Many new states have shown their interest in establishing IIT-R in their states. In a meeting held in Delhi in the last month (July 2009) where the representatives of all new IITs were present except IIT-R. Representatives from Karnataka showed their interest in establishing IIT in their state despite that Karnataka has already got the nod from Ministry of HR for IIT-Bangalore, Similarly representative from Chhattisgarh also showed their keen interest. When representatives of Rajasthan Government were approached who were not present in the meeting, they told that the issue of IIT-R is one of the main concern of Rajasthan Govt. but it is being delayed due to other unwanted isuues like Gurjar Andolan & others. Now these issue are over, the final location will be decided soon & information will be sent to Ministry of HR shortly.