Comments on JEE errors

These type of errors are not acceptable in entrance like jee.... plenty of students have suffered due to these errors...iit must reconduct jee....
(Prateek - Nagpur)

We should file a suit in Supreme Court and take stay order for publishing the result on 26.5.2010.There should be reexam.
(Sonam - Ranchi)

IIT is conducting a competitive exam at a national level.It is a platform for building a student's career.Accordingly it charges a fees of Rs. 1000 for smooth conduction of IIT JEE.Then why such errors crept in.Why remedial measures are taken after the exam,They must have been taken before the exam.Time,accuracy & speed are key to success to crack IIT JEE.Errors in paper hampered all these factors.But due to these errors a student not only lost his concentration but also got severly confused during exam period.I think IIT should reconduct the exam.It is only the remedy.
(Abhishek Sangwan - New Delhi)

Re-examination is the best suited method ,as errors cannot be corrected to that extent upto which student feel satisfied/profitable.
(Ankita chauhan - Jaipur)

Wrong design of omr maths/physics/chemistry .not clear about negative marks utter confusion
(Shivakumar - Hyderabad)

IN PAPER 2 in hindi medium the {IV} section has 3arks for each question but in english medium has 8 marks.Now we consider a ordinary student he says "i did not attemp that question of section IV because in the instruction it was written that 3 marks will be given if all the four question of matrix is correct. i think that if only one question of
matrix question will incorrect then 3 marks will not be given so i did not attemp that question. because of this i loss my 48 marks by the mistake of "JEE". jee administration should think about athat ordinary child. JEE SHOULD GIVE 48 MARKS TO ALL THE HINDI MEDIUM STUDENT OR SHOULD NOT GIVE 48 MARKS TO ALL THE HINDI AND ENGLISH MEDIUM STUDENTS.
(ARPIT MODANI    - Kota)

please conduct re-iit-jee 2010 exam in the month of june(or)july.its a life.i was confused about the errors in the question that idid not write well.i wasted my precious time of about 30 minutes because of error mistakes in the ORS sheet please conduct re-exam......................................,its a life.......................................................................,/
(B.N.KARTHIK. - Tirupathi)

1. The major error in the examination which is ignored in the corrective measures is the scheme of partial marking which awards 93 marks to evennon eligible is a big shock to the eligible candidates
2. These errors even confused students during examination hours and this affected the  performances of eligible candidates for iit jee and the corrective remedies issued by iit are not just sufficient as they can't pay to the loss ofstudents that happen during exam THUS THE ONLY SOLUTION IS RE CONDUCT OF IIT-JEE
(Gagandeep - Punjab)

The hrd ministry should take certain steps to re conduct jee exam otherwise its status will detoriate. atleast this type of errors are not expected in jee papers.
(Pawan kumar singh  - Singrauli)

I think the serious mistakes and errors committed by IIT were caused due to their own carelessness.Just blaming the HRD minister wont solve the problems.
Why is IIT only after those students who have darkened all the four bubles?I have personally known some students who feared that darkening all the bubbles might cause problem for them.So they applied a smarter tactic.They randomly darkened only three bubbles.So are they going to get those marks?What explanation shall IIT give for this doubt?The interchange of physics and maths sections left many students confused.Many bright students were nervous and thus could not give to the best of their ability.It also wasted their time.How is IIT going to compensate for their loss?There have been re exams of many competitive exams such as IIT JEE itself(when paper was leaked from kharagpur),AIIMS,CAT and other state exams. So why cant IIT take a retest.This is the ultimate remedy of all the problems.  

Re-conduct of IIT JEE.The correction procedure is not correct. How can they analise. We are all studied more than 5 years. Our time will be wasted
Nspurthi, Hyderabad

we are not God. But this will affect the future of children.

yashita singh jadoun,, aligarh

re-examination is the best suited method ,as errors cannot be corrected to that extent upto which student feel satisfied/profitable.

ankita chauhan,, jaipur

please conduct re-iit-jee 2010 exam in the month of june(or)july.its a life.i was confused about the errors in the question that idid not write well.i wasted my precious time of about 30 minutes because of error mistakes in the ORS sheet please conduct re-exam......................................,its a life.......................................................................,/


I feel there is strong case to take the re-examination of the iit
these are following reason for my opinion

1)the corrective meaures seem logical in only some cases like serial order of question and interchange of headings
but other corrective measures are just cover for the mistake they cannot correct anyhow except by reconducting the examination....

2)the exam of being such high prestige,there is lot of pressure and hope of student while giving the exam
but while writing such exam when students encounter such mistake(like partial marking,increased questions,misprints,).How can he/she ignore these mistakes and continue writing on such a tough exam..

this mistake can lead him to lose his/her concentration and make him perform badly ruining there careers...

3)the paper pattern-ok one still say that 84 question in first paper was bit too much but not unexpected given the toughness of iit.... but do the style of questions asked in exam--all mugging up question
does it really justify there claim that they select top engineering brains of india
...i feel this paper would help them to select top mugging up brains of india!!

it didnt tested the conceptual and application level of students..

4)re-examintion considered being pratically impossible can be made possible if carried out in a particular way
for example ranking should be calculated on the basis of paper conducted on 11th april and top 50 thousand or 60 thousand should be called for re-examintion

its logical because out of 4.72 lakhs
only theses number of children are serious for iit and only these are real contenders for the seats
because u cant expect a guy getting 70k rank in iit in first paper to get in top 5k in rexamination or something like that
and even if a student misses out and he wants to give the exam then a provision should me made according to marks scored in boards or aieee(like 80% above or in 15000 rank in aieee)
this way if his good but just had a very bad day on the exam
he can still get a chance
and boards and iit and aieee are conducted by govt only so these results can be taken in consideration
so in these way u have to take re-examination of only 50-60 thousand candidates and still assure everyone gets what he/she deserves

Nayan Goyal,,, Ahmedabad

it was very bad that most prestigious institute in India made question paper mistakes.many good students lost their marks . only solution to these problem is to conduct exam again
vinil,, hyderabad

This type of errors indicate negligence towards work &,as well as loose the prestise among all Indian. transletion should be checked before Hindi set goes for printing. Corrective measures will not give correct justice with other students those who have tried to solved max. questions. In this way they are wrongly correct answers. Due toresultent of negitave marking their rank may slide by 1000 OR, Those students who are at border score around 180 may out from main MEERIT list. Concept of parial marking in second section of First paper could not understand properly for marks purpose.


There are some errors in JEE-2010 paper.
This is very unfortunate to know as JEE is one of the most reputed exam it is loss for aspirants so in my opinion JEE should be reconducted


the exam should be reconducted which is a MANDATORY because this is the matter of life and not a game.

Aditya,, nallakunta

i think iit jee  director wants cleverness of students not  knwoledge also he is the most crupted person in this field   yes i and our 1000s of colliges wants to resignation of the director and thier fellows and re-conduct the exam as soon as possible and also appeal /reqeast to HRD  minister that    give punishment gilty persons.  only option is re exam

md shaique alam,, delhi

it doesnt seems like it was a iit entrance paper...dis way d iit is playing with students future..nd i dnt undrstnd 4 wat hell d HRD minister is appointed..he doesnt seems 2 hav ny power..i think jee should immediately conduct d exam again nt worry about d expense..they can again take d application charge..otherwise mrs sonia gandhi should herself take some strict action...

shivam tiwari,, kanpur

this paper was a merely joke on our two years of hardwork.
I totally suppurt u for d cause & want 2 see justice 2 my prepration.


The errors are regrettable and unpardonable. Re-examination of IIT-JEE 2010 the
is the only option and solution. Nothing more nothing less will serve the

Shwetambara Srivastava,, Allahabad

IIT exams should be re conduted not only for Hindi speaking student also for all the student there are a major mistake in the marking system in Group B of Paper 2 . a student can easily score 93 marks in the second paper after marking all four options in absence of negative marking or silence on marking system.

Sumit Kumar,, Motihari

the responsible persons must be punished and d students maust be given a second chance for d same year

Nimit Bansal, Delhi

Its true iit is a big xam n errors in sch a xam is shame on the examinees..........near abt 20 crores of rupees gone waste ,we have to build the nation not to destroy it..............

Raghove Bhargove, raghovecosmonaut@gmail.comHamirpur

Partial marking has no clarity. Irrespective of the no of answers, partial marks shall be awarded to all correct answers proportionately. Questions having  conflicting answers shall be avoided viz. VSPER Theory. no 0f 90 angles in BrF5. The maths paper is very lengthy. These are not at all mistakes but grave blunders affecting the future of students.


Errors found in JEE 2010 papers are result of carelessness of IIT authority and should not be left as it is, as when we make careless mistakes in the paper we are responsible for it and we are charged with our ranks in JEE
Aniket Gupta,, Jaipur

Errors in iitjee is not what a student would expect to come forth when he is preparing for it. the biggest exam in the country is not at all supposed to be careless about these matters and put our careers on the line two years of tireful days weren't to deal with that these stuffs come up now!!Getting into the iits is a dream come true and thats what i dreamt of and i aint letting it slip of my hands for some mere mistakes made by men behind the scenes.IIT-JEE should be conducted again and if not these damn mistakes should not occur again in future jee should apologise for what they have done in public.......

SAptarshi Ghosh,, Agartala

No corrective measures can justify the errors in the Jee 2010 and by any means the selection process can not be fair. Reexam is the only solution . It is expected from prestigious institutes like IIT to rise to the occassion and conduct fresh exam.

Prschita,, delhi

By committing these mistakes jee has been playing with thousands of careers. They are still not ready to admit their faults. For many students out there iit matters more than anything for them. And it will be highly justified if nothing is done in order to curb this menace. Re-exam is the only way out.

Aradhana,, patna

Respected Sir,

As you are aware that following shortcomings were found in the IIT-JEE 2010 exam :-

(1) In ORS sheet, Heading of subjects do not match with Question paper booklet and therefore, created confusion at various test centres.
(2) Question No. 44 was not printed in certain booklets which will definitely create undue benefit / loss to certain applicants.
(3) Part IV of Question paper 2 in English booklets carry 48 marks whereas in Hindi booklets carry 18 marks only. This ambiguity has created a difference of 30 marks between two versions. Due to this, applicants appeared through Hindi medium might have given less weightage to this part.

In view of above, following steps may kindly be taken up :-

(1) If IIT wants to give justice to all eligible applicants and to save its creditability , discard this exam and take IIT-JEE 2010 afresh.

                                     If fresh exam is not possible then

(1) ORS sheets should be examined by proper mapping of questions numbers subjectwise for the test centres reported problem as mentioned in (1) above.
(2) Question No. 44 may be dropped for all applicants and marks of this question may not be included for the total marks of question paper.
(3) Similarly, part IV of Question paper 2 may be dropped for all applicants and thus, marks of these questions may not be included for the total marks of question paper.

Please take a proper policy decision at IIT level to ensure justice for all applicants.

With regards,

Anil K Garg

ananya garg,, dausa

Lot of time was wasted by me due to errors in the
paper and I also got puzzled and stunned to see that paper.
and anwesr sheet, which was not matching in a such big
impotant event, in veiw of the above the future of the
students will be effacting, as well as country will be
getting telented. plese re conduct the paper  as soon as

It was horrible and devastating for candidates who slogged for years.  Nothing but Retest is only option.  What is harm if the session is delayed by 4 months.  At least such an important all india exam. will be free and fair.

Ashutosh Mishra,, New Delhi

The marking scheme for multiple correct choice type questions were very
misleading and anyone with brains will surely mark all four options correct.
The JAB has been so careless.They cannot penalise a student for marking
all four options correct.First of all the directions and marking scheme
should be properly printed in the question paper.There is no option but to
reconduct the test to make thing fair.

Vivek R Jayan,, Thiruvananthapuram

IIT should take a retest of IIT JEE 2010 due to following:


The subject headings on OMR sheet did not match with question nos. given below. The IIT authorities quite some time after the exam had started advised to ignore the subject headings and answer according to the serial numbers in the question paper

Students who had started to mark based on subject headings then had to rub off the markings (this has to be done very neatly as any residual markings can be picked while checking). This lead to waste of time, a precious commodity in an exam as competitive as IIT. Besides, students came under undue stress affecting their composure.


For some questions (of total 45 marks) instructions mentioned that partial marks shall be given for partially correct answer, with no negative marking.

An extreme view put forward is that as there is no negative mark for any wrong answers, if all options are marked full marks should be given. Thus a student can get 45 marks without solving the questions.

IITs clarification is that to avail partial mark the number of choices shaded should not exceed the number of correct choices and must include at least one of the correct choices.

This is an assumption given after the exam is over.  In no way could the instruction be interpreted like this by the students. I do not see how IIT marking scheme can take care of how students interpreted the unclear instructions and what effect it had.

 have not seen the paper but as per reports in English version  6  questions were for 8 marks each ,whereas  the Hindi version said  3 marks each. A JEE examinee who has to do a trade-off between time and gains (in terms of scored marks) may have made the wrong choice. In addition, certain questions were not printed.

IITs response is that all these are minor mistakes and will be taken care of during evaluation of papers. IIT IS NOT SAYING WHAT EXACTLY IT INTENDS TO DO. I am sure they also do not know.

Clearly no amount of moderation can take care of all these BLUNDERS (not minor mistakes) as these have affects that may vary from student to student and can not be quantified. IIT would need divine intervention to know how to take care of marks a student lost due to lost time/composure/making the wrong choices due to unclear/wrong instructions.

Mohit,, Delhi