Thursday, May 19, 2011

Errors in JEE 11 answer key

IIT JEE 2011 question no. 31 ( Paper - 2)

Correct option is only C, but according to the key issued by IIT JEE correct answers are C & D.
In D option according to the 
question paper-
 done in moving unit positive charge from point A at potential  Va to point B at potential Vb is Vb-Va 
Correct definition must be - 
Work done in moving unit positive charge slowly or without acceleration or against the 
electrostatic force from point A at potential  Va to point B at potential Vb is Vb-Va
NOTE : Underline words are missing

IIT JEE- 2011 Paper-II Part-1: ChemistrySection-II
Question No. 12

The JEE answer is: CD

The experts answer is:  ABCD

H2/Ni/Heat can reduce Esters as well as amides in to corresponding alcohol and amines. The reactant given is a saturated compound. So it can undergo catalytic hydrogenation by many catalyst with out requiring any selectivity.  So options A & B should also be the answers.

References in support of above are :
  1. W. Carruthers, 3rd edition, page No. 416, Table No. 7.1
  2. Organic chemistry by I.L. Finar (international Sudent Edition), Vol. –I, page No. 179, table No. 6.1
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

AIEEE Petition in Supreme Court

"Dr. AP Sinha, retired professor of NIT Jamshedpur has filed petition in High Court in which HC though has not given the relief of conducting the exam. afresh in view of paper leak,

Monday, May 09, 2011

write your concerns to

send your mail to,,, how do you feel about AIEEE paper being leaked 
you can also write to our HRD minister who is very busy with reforms on;;
you should also write to;Smt.SoniaGandhi<>;

mess up AIEEE Contd.

"in the confusion of leakage of paper on 01 may the paper should be started at 12 noon  but at our centre KV rohini sec 8 it started at 1:00 pm and the teachers collect the omr answer sheet from us at 3:30 pm so we had not complete our exam properlly
so what action does take by the aieee at this situation "



India is not now sovereign republic country it became SCAM CORRUPT REPUBLIC country.

it is quite disgusting that it has been postponed for  three hours as there are many students who also have to appear at another exam of AFMC for medical. This will forced the student to choose one either aieee or afmc.It woud have been better for cbse to postpone it for another day.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

different timings to students in AIEEE

KV INA colony Delhi School has given only 2.5 hours to candidates on 01 may 2011  to attempt AIEEE where the Ved Vyasa Public School has given 3.5 hours to students appearing from its centers. I have the stories coming from all around India about mis management of CBSE.

AIEEE aspirants get different time to attempt paper

In the utter confusion on 01 May 11 once again the mismanagement of the CBSE has come in to the picture. There is confirmed news from the sources which say that the AIEEE examination which was postponed to 12 Noon was not conducted in the fair way despite the tall claims made by CBSE. There are schools which allowed less than 3 hours to students in some cases not even complete 2 hours were provided to students. There are also reports that few schools have given even 3.5 Hrs to students. With this kind of abnormally CBSE can not call this is a fair exam. CBSE has to still answer how they are going to standardize 2 different tests.

With all such allegation mounting Supreme Court should intervene and detailed inquiry should be ordered till such time AIEEE second examination should be put on to hold