Saturday, May 07, 2011

AIEEE aspirants get different time to attempt paper

In the utter confusion on 01 May 11 once again the mismanagement of the CBSE has come in to the picture. There is confirmed news from the sources which say that the AIEEE examination which was postponed to 12 Noon was not conducted in the fair way despite the tall claims made by CBSE. There are schools which allowed less than 3 hours to students in some cases not even complete 2 hours were provided to students. There are also reports that few schools have given even 3.5 Hrs to students. With this kind of abnormally CBSE can not call this is a fair exam. CBSE has to still answer how they are going to standardize 2 different tests.

With all such allegation mounting Supreme Court should intervene and detailed inquiry should be ordered till such time AIEEE second examination should be put on to hold

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