Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kota coaching Institutes go in a big way

Kota's coaching institutes take a leaf out of MDP of IIMs, recently Resonance announced its Faculty Training Programme (FTP) for IIT-JEE Coaching. This effort has been to manage the faculty crisis and to serve the growing base of the students. Resonance presently caters to more than 20 location in India and has more than 20,000 student base. Speaking on the occasion Mr Manoj Sharma ( Additional Director) said that FTP helps in building a large bench strength to serve the ever growing IIT- JEE aspirants.

Monday, December 07, 2009

NSO messed up this year

I have come to know that NSO exam conducted by SOF on 19 Nov was totally messed up. I can quote incidents where this exam's crediblity is at stake. Jaipur was closed on this day because of the swine flu, however this examination was conducted at few locations in Jaipur and in the rest of the India. when the school opened up few schools conducted this exam on 23 nov and the same exam paper was administerd to the students and at few location the exam was conducted on 24 Nov too. Looking at this it is understood the SOF Mgmt doesn't have any stand by arrangements to keep the sanctity of such a National Level Examination.
It seems it has become more a money making business with out any seriousness attached. gonig by this way it makes more sense to appear for Govt based exams who are ot very strong in marketing but the crebility is very high such as NTSE, Olympiads condcuted by HBCSE