Saturday, November 27, 2010

one more non transparent exam STSE

 I have written mail to secretary Board of Secondary Education to

Board of secondary Education, Rajasthan  has conducted the Science talent search examination on 28 Nov 2010This exam is conducted to identify the talents in students. however the very purpose is defeated because the papers to the students are not given. Any competitive examination whether IIT JEE, NTSE, KVPY papers are given to students to increase the credibility of the exam. Your Board web site is also poorly managed and does not provide any information on STSE. 

This non transparent policy of the board raises eyebrows and brings entire board in to suspicion.Please take adequate measures to restore transparency in the exam. I am listing few of the measures 
1. Papers must be given to students
2. With in 7 days you should declare the official answer key and at the same invite feedback 
3. Result should be declared stating students marks and rank
4. Students should be allowed to access the ORS on demand basis

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

kota once again misses the bus of AIEEE

CBSE has left kota for the fourth time from AIEEE centres list. In a reply to RTI query the CBSE has cited the administrative reasons for keeping Kota out of AIEEE centers list. First appellate office Mr Pritam Singh has not replied to the first appeal filled by the undersigned almost two months back. IIT JEE centres is also not given to students since last 4 years. IITs have not even responded to RTIs filled by citizens of kota

Thursday, November 11, 2010

kota centre for IIT JEE

Our Hon'ble MP from Kota Constituency Shri Ijyaraj Singh has raised the question in Lok Sabha about kota not given examination centre for IIT JEE few days back. The timings of this question is very strange. It's been three years since Kota has been dropped from the JEE centres list but all these 3 years our leaders were too busy to pay attention to such trivial issues of kota. Morever this question is raised after JEE declared its notification on 30 Oct and Kota once again in not there in JEE centres list so nothing can be done. The question was raised at such a time when nothing can be done or this was deliberate attempt from the MP to do pump and show to please his alakman in Delhi. Our economy runs because of coaching and how much our leaders are concerned that kota should get is legitimate rights of having its centres at least. When we were doing the RTI movement a month back surprisingly no leader came forward and supported the mission which could have been successful in bringing JEE centre to kota

use of plastic bags in Dusheera Mela

Our leaders don't follow what they preach to citizens
Kota Mayor is very vocal against uses of plastic bags
I was very impressed with her drive for banning of plastic bags
please refer to her blog also
But i was dismayed when i visited Dusherra Mela, every shop keeper over there was using plastic bags, despite Nagar Nigam responsible for the conduction of the mela
Is it not hypocrisy to preach before we practice ourselves
My e mail to Mayor and kota collector has not been answered till now
For a shop kepper our city administration would have been very quick to lodge the complain but what about action against this leader who should be held responsible for such  wide spread use of plastic

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fw: welcome gates causes accidents

These days our political leaders of Kota ( Rajasthan) have put the welcome gates in kota city to welcome their political masters
These gates disturb the traffic. i am attaching the snaps on one road where in less than 50 meters distance around 10 gates have been put up. There seems to be tough competition for sycophancy in our leaders. I fail to understand why police don't register FIR against culprits.This is a big nuisance. These all gates have been put up by sycophants of State Home Minister who want to please the minister.