Friday, May 28, 2010

Next Hearing on JEE errors on 5th July

Rajasthan high court today fixed the 05 july as the next hearing date regarding the errors in the IIT-JEE'10 paper. High court has virtually killed the hopes of lacs of students who were expecting some justice from the judiciary. It seems that even judiciary is no mood to take a head on with MHRD.
Judiciary has played a supporting role to the wrong doings of MHRD by not taking a tough stand against the IITs. One thing is very clear govt. can get away with any wrong doing, law and judiciary is just a part of the game.

Use RTI to know your score in JEE

Below i am putting up the sample of the RTI which can be used..
Date: 26 May 09

Public Information Officer
Chairman, JEE, IIT Madras
Chennai 600036

File Ref No: RTI/IIT/1

Sub: Information seeking under Right to Information Act.

Dear Sir,

I am submitting this request exercising my RIGHT TO INFORMATION to provide me
Following information regarding the result of the IIT JEE 2010

1.    Please provide the answer key of the paper conducted on 11 April 2010

2.    Please give the marks and ranks of all the selected students.

3.    Please give the cut off for each category (General, SC, ST, OBC) in which you have selected students. Please elaborate the cut off procedure ( total marks or marks in individual subjects) adopted by you

4.    Please give the marks and zerox copy of the ORS of the following student who IIT JEE registration number is as follows.

Name of the student & Registration Number

Please let me know the expense required for seeking this information. I am already sending the Rs 10/ postal order with post.

Thanking you

Applicant name and address

Encl: Rs 10/ postal order
Postal order should be drawn in favor of Indian Institute of Technology,Madras

How will BITSAT justify this time loss of a student....


With respect I am to say that there was a server failure for 10 minutes during my son exam today during time slot of 12 :30pm to 03:30pm at Asia pacific institute of management, Delhi dated 24th may 2010 .Officer In charge announced that there was Server failure and due to that all computer got hang up in the hall for some time but clock was running . This 10 minutes loss has not allowed my son to attempt the paper fully as a result he was lack of few marks to get admission in one of prestigious institute BITS PILANI. This is the question of his career .I also have contacted the officers of administration and they told me that they are unable to give the further time since it is system clock .This 10 minutes loss due to server failure has not been compensated to my son 's Exam. Therefore i request you to personally look into the matter and take the required action as early as possible .I am waiting for favorable reply from your end.

Mob: 09910041633

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JEE is not transparent

IIT JEE should disclose following things to clear the controversy surrounding around the results
1.    Officially accepted answer key by JEE for evaluating the results
2.    Marks of all the selected students
3.    Cut off for each category (General, SC, ST, OBC) in which IITs have selected students. IITs should also elaborate the cut off procedure ( total marks or marks in individual subjects) adopted by IIT
4.    IIT should also put the soft copy of the ORS on the net so that students can access the ORS and can satisfy themselves.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flawed paper and flawed execution

The first hint of the problem in JEE 2010 came within minutes of the start of examination at 0900 hrs on April 11. Students found that the ORS (Optical Response Sheet) on which answers are to be given had a mismatch with the question paper. While the question paper had questions numbered 30-58 for Mathematics and 59-87 for Physics, the ORS showed 30-58 for Physics and 59-87 for Mathematics. The candidates who noticed the discrepancy asked for clarifications. However, the same must come from the organizing IIT, which was IIT Madras this year. With calls coming from all over India, it is said that the phone lines at IITM jammed. For example, IIT Bombay could connect officially to IIT Madras only by 11 AM, two hours into the examination.

IIT JEE declared the most awaited controversial result today

After much ho lala IIT JEE declared the result today, result was declared amidst lot of litigations which were filled in the various high courts and Supreme Court of India about various irregularities in the question paper.

Soon after the declaration of the results the complains are coming from different part of the country about its credibility. Some Hindi medium students who were scoring around 240 marks are not even selected where as the few English medium students who were scoring around 200 have been selected. It seems Hindi medium students are the worst effected lot of JEE errors in the papers.

Supreme Court dismisses the PIL on stay of results of IIT JEE 2010

After Delhi H.C. order on 19 May the appeal for stay of results of IIT JEE 2010 is also dismissed by supreme court today. The IIT-JEE result is to be declared May 26.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Testing times for JEE

The presence of several mistakes in the IIT-JEE exam this year kicked up a storm that refuses to abate. It stands to affect the future careers of scores of serious applicants.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Notice to IIT-JEE chairman

2 May 2010, 00:43 HRS IST
Press Trust of India
Notice to IIT-JEE chairman

Jaipur, May 21 (PTI)
The Rajasthan High Court has issued a show cause notice to the Department of Human Resource, New Delhi and IIT-JEE Board on a writ petition seeking quashing of the entrance test for the elite institutes held this year on grounds of alleged dicrepancies in the question paper.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rajasthan high court issues notice to IIT Madras and MHRD

Rajasthan high court issues notice to IIT Madras and MHRD for lapses in IIT JEE papers, Today in response to writ petition filled by the aggrieved parents , High court has issued notice to IIT Madras and MDRD. Parents are making the efforts for the notices to be hand delivered,which will save lot of time

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What went inside the examination hall !!!!!!!!!!

I am a student of BASE who wrote the jee 2010 in bangalore. Let me tell you my thoughts as the exam progressed..................

IIT JEE errors issue will reach to Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court today dismissed public interest litigation of a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has sought stay on the declaration of result of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) entrance exam held on April 11.

Today on 19 May 2010 Delhi High court dismissed the writ petition demanding an interim stay on IIT JEE result; however the next hearing on the PIL will be held on 02 June 2010.
Chetan Upadhyaya, secretary and counsel of Satya Foundation dissatisfied with the court decision decided to move to supreme court to challenge the decision taken by the Delhi high Court

Raising the issue of errors in the instructions for examinees who took the IIT joint entrance examination (IIT-JEE) in Hindi, the NGO, Satya Foundation, filed the public interest litigation (PIL) on April 23, which was heard on 04 May 10

Sunday, May 16, 2010

IIT JEE to be conducted again

Filling Public Interest Litigation in Supreme Court

To stand against the Errors in IIT-JEE 2010 exam, We invite all the students and the parents to join this campaign. Please find the link of the draft of the PIL pasted here , Please go through the list of annexure. You need to get enclose the Phoocopy of Question paper.
IIT JEE to be conducted again

HRD Minister should take the responsibility and should suspend JAB and resign himself. More than 20 crores have been spent on conducting the IIT JEE examination and this money has gone wasted just because of the carelessness of the JAB. The entire JAB should be suspended and appropriate charges should be framed against the people who are responsible for this. At this juncture the conducting JEE again is the only option

To stand against the Errors in IIT-JEE 2010 exam, We invite all the students and the parents to join this campaign.
We will collectively take up the issue in legitimate ways to fight against the abnormalities in JEE 2010 paper

Friday, May 14, 2010

errors in NTSE stage 2 paper

i am getting regular complains regarding the NTSE stage 2 paper. These complains are coming from those states where the papers are given in the regional and english language.
therefore i am putting up the scanned copy of the MAT and SAT Paper conducted in the northern states
To download MAT Paper click here
To download SAT Paper click here
If you question in your paper different from this paper
drop an email to me at

Save RTI Act by signing the on line petition

Our Govt is keen to dilute the effectiveness of RTI act by making some changes in the present RTI Act

Sign onlinepetition with request to "Bring back the pristine glory of the Right
to Information Act, 2005" addressed to Prime Minister and Members of Indian
Parliament: -

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Different states have difference in Stage 2 paper

NCERT messes up once again i am getting lot of complains from the students that  questions were little different from the questions papers which northern state students got. I am producing the mail received from the concerned parent 

Dear Sirs,

I watched the video NTSE-2010, STAGE - 2, MAT Part - 10 uploaded by you. In the video of MAT Part-10, I observed that the question number 74 is slightly different from the question issued to me at the centre at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.I herewith enclose the photocopy of the respective page containing question number 74. Please do the needful so that we,the students appeared are not affected by this variation. Enclosures: 1. Photocopy of pg 19 of NTSE Stage II MAT question paper issued at Chennai centre 2. Photocopy of pg 19 of NTSE Stage II MAT question paper indicating errors.


i can be reached at

For any feedback/suggestion please feel free to contact me

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

NCERT should disclose the answer key of NTSE stage 2 paper

Dated: 13 May 10

NIE (NCERT), Department of Educational Measurement & Evaluation
NCERT,Sri Aurobindo Marg New Delhi-110016
File Ref No: RTI/NCERT/11
Sub: Information seeking under Right to Information Act.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am submitting this request exercising my RIGHT TO INFORMATION to provide me information regarding the NTSE stage 2 paper conducted by your dept. on 09 May 10.

1. Please provide the answer key of both SAT and MAT Papers.
2. Please let me know whether the same paper was conducted across the India or different MAT and SAT Papers were given to students. If yes please provide the reasons so far.
3. Please provide the number of students appeared in NTSE stage 2 examinations across the centre wise.
4. Please provide the details of the complains received regarding the mistakes/errors in stage 2 papers, please give the details of the action taken/ corrective measures taken on it.

Please also find attached Rs 10/ postal order with this application towards payment seeking the information. Do let me know the required fee for want of the information under RTI.

Thanking you

1. A Rs 10/ postal order.

eight questions wrong in NTSE stage 2 MAT paper

NTSE Stage 2 MAT Paper

13.        The dart does not follow any logical sequence in the outermost region of the square.

33.        The question should be - How many angles are there above the straight line ? According to the given question the answer can be 15.

34.        The number of triangles are more than 28 (approximately 40).

54.        Answer of the given question should be South-East which is not given in the option.
The explanation is as under –

61.        Since option 1, 2 & 4 cannot be the correct answer. Hence, the most appropriate ans is option 3. But again option 3 can not be the right explanation because the position of the given triangles in the given figure should be interchanged.

74.        In this question the logic is not common in all the figures. In 1st and 3rd figure the logic is (22 + 32) – (2 + 3) = 8 and (62 + 72) – (6 + 7) = 72 but in 4th figure if it follows the same logic then the result is (82 + 92) – (8 + 9) = 128 but in the fourth figure the result is given 129.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NTSE stage 2 solutions are there on U tube

Resonance faculties have uploaded the solutions on the U tube. To access the Videos go to U tube and search for NTSE stage 2 solutions

Sunday, May 09, 2010

NTSE stage 2 MAT Papers errors

There are three questions which seem to be wrong in MAT paper
Q. No 33   Angles will be much more than 10 or 11 however if you calculate angle above the base line only then the answer is coming 10. so what NCERT decides in this question is still not clear.
Q. No 34  No of triangles are asked but if we calculate the triangles it is coming much more than 28  so really speaking none of the option seems to be correct, however in the best case scenario 28 could be the right answer
Q. No 45   Direction test question the correct answer is coming SOUTH- EAST which is not there in the options , answers could be EAST or SOUTH
this should go for bonus
Q. No 91 there could be two answers 5 or 6, so this should also go for bonus
Q. No 93 none of the option seems to be correct

We will soon put the analysis of SAT paper too on the blog

NCERT conducts the stage 2 examination

It is really good to know that NCERT has given the papers to NTSe stage 2 appeared students. Kudos to NCERT for going in the transparent way. It will be prudent at this juncture that NCERT asks the states SIERTs also to follow the same

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Prepare for NTSE - Interview round

Get a Free Sample Question Bank for Preparation of Interview Round
How to Apply :A student is required to fill the registration form.

How to Deposit the Form : Send the filled registration form along with the copy of NTSE stage-2 Admit Card at Resonance PCCP / DLPD Office, Lakshya C-8, Nursery Plots, Talwandi, Kota 324005.

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