JEE Errors after the corrective measures

Dear All
I am producing the mail received  from a student

JEE Errors even after the corrective measures
I am following you regularly on the issue of mistakes in JEE - 2010. The correction measures were announced and another blunder has bubbled up which is still not into consideration. This has arisen due to the dual correction method for pyhsics and mathematics being adopted by the JEE. This is due the fact that some answers which were wrong in mathematics and physics have been interchanged as physics becomes math and math becomes physics in the dual (sequence and section wise) order correction secondly some answers are same in both physics and mathematics sections, hence resulting in the gain of marks. So a mediocre student who does a bit of math and physics correctly and partially incorrect has an increased chance of selection. There may be large number of such cases in the country which question the validity of their selection. I urge you as your voice is reaching the newspapers and more people than me

I appreciate your dedication to fight for justice. The corrective measures just rectify the physical errors what about psychological state of JEE aspirant.