Thursday, May 13, 2010

Different states have difference in Stage 2 paper

NCERT messes up once again i am getting lot of complains from the students that  questions were little different from the questions papers which northern state students got. I am producing the mail received from the concerned parent 

Dear Sirs,

I watched the video NTSE-2010, STAGE - 2, MAT Part - 10 uploaded by you. In the video of MAT Part-10, I observed that the question number 74 is slightly different from the question issued to me at the centre at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.I herewith enclose the photocopy of the respective page containing question number 74. Please do the needful so that we,the students appeared are not affected by this variation. Enclosures: 1. Photocopy of pg 19 of NTSE Stage II MAT question paper issued at Chennai centre 2. Photocopy of pg 19 of NTSE Stage II MAT question paper indicating errors.



Anonymous said...

Dear Sir
I also got a different question where instead of 6 it was 8 and instead of 12 i got 72.
I gave the exam from chandigarh.

Anonymous said...

i also got q74 in mat different
.it was 8 instead of 6 and 72 instead of 12. by logic acc. to ans. key posted on other sites, 129 should be 128.

Anonymous said...

eight mat questions not wrong .
only 3 were wrong

ntse coach said...

interesting discussion. will come back after thorough study of the question paper only...

Adish said...

Hello Nilesh

Could you tell me what was last year's cut off (score out of 225) and is there any criterion for selecting students for the interview? If the marks in the second round are a criterion for the interview, what do you think will be the minimum marks out of 200 to be able to get selected for the interview?

ntse coach said...

my child got the correct question however with the misprint of 128 as 129....this indicates some change in printing and misprints from state to state.

heme said...

hello sir i wnt to know minimum number required for going for next stage or interview