Friday, May 28, 2010

How will BITSAT justify this time loss of a student....


With respect I am to say that there was a server failure for 10 minutes during my son exam today during time slot of 12 :30pm to 03:30pm at Asia pacific institute of management, Delhi dated 24th may 2010 .Officer In charge announced that there was Server failure and due to that all computer got hang up in the hall for some time but clock was running . This 10 minutes loss has not allowed my son to attempt the paper fully as a result he was lack of few marks to get admission in one of prestigious institute BITS PILANI. This is the question of his career .I also have contacted the officers of administration and they told me that they are unable to give the further time since it is system clock .This 10 minutes loss due to server failure has not been compensated to my son 's Exam. Therefore i request you to personally look into the matter and take the required action as early as possible .I am waiting for favorable reply from your end.

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