Thursday, November 11, 2010

kota centre for IIT JEE

Our Hon'ble MP from Kota Constituency Shri Ijyaraj Singh has raised the question in Lok Sabha about kota not given examination centre for IIT JEE few days back. The timings of this question is very strange. It's been three years since Kota has been dropped from the JEE centres list but all these 3 years our leaders were too busy to pay attention to such trivial issues of kota. Morever this question is raised after JEE declared its notification on 30 Oct and Kota once again in not there in JEE centres list so nothing can be done. The question was raised at such a time when nothing can be done or this was deliberate attempt from the MP to do pump and show to please his alakman in Delhi. Our economy runs because of coaching and how much our leaders are concerned that kota should get is legitimate rights of having its centres at least. When we were doing the RTI movement a month back surprisingly no leader came forward and supported the mission which could have been successful in bringing JEE centre to kota

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