Thursday, May 19, 2011

Errors in JEE 11 answer key

IIT JEE 2011 question no. 31 ( Paper - 2)

Correct option is only C, but according to the key issued by IIT JEE correct answers are C & D.
In D option according to the 
question paper-
 done in moving unit positive charge from point A at potential  Va to point B at potential Vb is Vb-Va 
Correct definition must be - 
Work done in moving unit positive charge slowly or without acceleration or against the 
electrostatic force from point A at potential  Va to point B at potential Vb is Vb-Va
NOTE : Underline words are missing

IIT JEE- 2011 Paper-II Part-1: ChemistrySection-II
Question No. 12

The JEE answer is: CD

The experts answer is:  ABCD

H2/Ni/Heat can reduce Esters as well as amides in to corresponding alcohol and amines. The reactant given is a saturated compound. So it can undergo catalytic hydrogenation by many catalyst with out requiring any selectivity.  So options A & B should also be the answers.

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