Thursday, May 12, 2011

AIEEE Petition in Supreme Court

"Dr. AP Sinha, retired professor of NIT Jamshedpur has filed petition in High Court in which HC though has not given the relief of conducting the exam. afresh in view of paper leak,
chaos on 01.05.2011, and against the spirit of legitimate and fair merit list. Dr. Sinha moved to Supreme court filing an SLP challenging the order of High Court( details are available at  the site of Supreme Court AIEEE 2011 or it can be accessed on Supreme Court website for WP(C) No. 13575/2011- AP Sinha vs Union of India & Others. SK Agarwal & Assoc. are the lawyers for this case whose address is 65, Kirpal Apartment, 44 IP Extension Patparganj, Delhi-110092 ph: 011-22734464, 2273, 22731065 e-mail: If all of you agree then an affidavit in following proforma from students who appeared on 01.05.2011 may be sent to Sri Agarwal at his above address by 16.05.2011 for taking up in Supreme Court in next week, to show that exam even after rescheduling was not conducted in a fair manner as all centres did not start it same time which is another paper leak.:
I,                             Son/daughter of                    aged about,        residents of                                            do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1. That I have appeared in the All India Engineering Entrance Examination 2011 (AIEEE 2011) on 01.05.2011 with my following details:-
Center No:-

Center of Examination:-

Roll No:-

2. That after the paper leak, the examination AIEEE 2011 was rescheduled  to be held from 12.00 noon to 3.00 PM on 01.05.2011 itself but in fact it started from……….. and the answersheets were snatched away at …………….PM before the announced time of 3 hours duration.

3.    That I got only……… hours time to write the exam in most adverse situations   instead  of 3 hours on 01.05.2011 as per the scheme of the AIEEE.


Verified at          on this    day of May,  2011 that the contents of para no. 1 to 3 of the above affidavit are true and correct and nothing material is concealed therefrom.

Also pl. get affidavit get attested by  Oath Commissioner or Notary Public and send at above address.

Immediate action is needed. Pl. appeal to all concerned to do the same."

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AIEEE said...

Brilliant. One of the very best I have read. Well written, with style and intelligence. I have spent hours looking for erotica like this. Resorting to writing it myself.
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