Thursday, September 11, 2008

MBA colleges don't follow ethics themselves

Some of the reputed colleges known for grooming the leaders are doing the plani cheating with the students. Symbiosis is a example how it's is cheating the students and violating the AICTE rules with out any compunction. Below please find the mail which i have recevied from a concenred parent
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From: bharath das To: ; Cc: ; Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008
3:58 PMSubject: SCMHRD return of fee paid.
Dear Sir, My son Rohit Bharath Das joined SCMHRD for MBA paying a fee of
Rs.1.75 lakhs. Some email correspondance occured between the college and he and
certain assignments were given to him during May 2008. He joined the college on
June 1st and stayed up to June 5th. He withdrew his admission from the college
and left the college on June 5th. An application reimburse the money paid was
not responded. So many calls and emails were send and finally they reimbursed
Rs.5,000/- the caution fee paid saying it as first installment. So many times
they were approached to reimburse the fee paid as per the policy published in
the web. According to the web they are bound to reimburse the whole fee minus
Rs.1000/- towards their administrative charges. A registered letter was sent to
them last week, for which they have responded that they are not bound by the
agreement to reimburse as per the agreement. We parents have no other way
option but to sign the printed formats. More over they have said the cases is
in jurisdiction of Pune court. They have already admitted another student in
his space and Mr. Mohit is occupuying his bed. No doubt, these institution is
cheating. Why should one pay in advance charges for food for which he has not
used, for books which is not recieved, software user charges for which not
used? Kindly advise me the course of action. I shall be willing to book such
crooks to justice. The principal is a colonel, not worthy of the post.
Bharath Das

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