Friday, June 04, 2010

use RTI to find information about IIT JEE result

 IIT JEE still have to answer few questions regarding JEE Result. Please put this RTI to

Director (IITs)
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Government of India
Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001
File Ref No: RTI/IIT/3
Sub: Information seeking under Right to Information Act.
Dear Sir,
I am submitting this request exercising my RIGHT TO INFORMATION to provide me Following information regarding related to the “Corrective Measures for the Errors Encountered in JEE-2010” put up on IIT JEE Website on May 2.
1. We would like to know how many candidates, out of 4.72 lakh who appeared in JEE 2010 on April 11, used the Hindi version for Paper 1 & Paper 2? Kindly provide the exact number.

2. How many candidates used the Hindi version of Paper-1 having “Code-4” in which Question No. 44 in the Mathematics section was not printed? Provide the exact number of candidates who are going to be benefited by this missing question?

3. a. How many candidates used the question papers containing two unreadable pages and two partially readable pages in the Physics section of Paper-1?
b. Please Provide the JEE-2010 registration numbers of candidates who have got these defective question papers?
c. In all how many questions were there in those unreadable and partially readable pages? What is the total number of marks contained in those unreadable and partially readable pages?
d. How many such defective question papers were noticed during the examination by the invigilators?

4. On the JEE Madras website the column published on May 02, 2010 under the heading “Corrective Measures For The Errors Encountered In Jee-2010” under which it is clarified that the Error No 2 & Error No 4 will be corrected by appropriately scaling these affected candidates. Explain the meaning & exact process of scaling in detail.

5. a. As per the Corrective Measures published on the JEE Website, “Each ORS (both for Paper 1 & Paper 2) will be evaluated in two ways (sequential question number-wise and subject headings-wise). In each case the higher score of the two evaluations will be taken as the candidate's score. Should one of the ways of evaluating lead to a mark below the minimum qualifying mark in one of the subjects, the other way will be deemed to be the ‘higher’ of the two scores”. Kindly explain the reasons for applying this evaluation methodology to the entire 4.72 lakh candidates? How many candidates have actually confessed to this error of their’s in writing to IITs?

b. What is the probability of such persons getting undue advantage due to this proposed new evaluation method?

c. Has IITs tested their newly proposed evaluation method on JEE-2009 ORS data, which is available with them, before applying the same on the IIT JEE-2010 ORS data, to see what percentage of genuine candidates (selected candidates) will be affected by this new method of dual evaluation (sequential question number-wise and subject headings-wise). If so kindly provide the following information

d. (i) What is the result they have got from the test run? How many unsuccessful candidates in JEE-2009 are getting through if this dual evaluation method is applied to JEE-2009 ORS data?

ii) How many originally selected candidates were thrown out or changed their AIR positions due to this evaluation method?

iii) Has the above study thrown light on how this dual evaluation method affects the individual subject wise cut-offs and over all cut offs? Kindly provide the details?

6. Kindly give more clarification on the partial marking scheme adopted by IIT for some of the questions in JEE-2010 papers?

Please let me know the expense required for seeking this information. I am already sending the Rs 10/ postal order with post.
Thanking you


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