Friday, October 29, 2010

Biggest RTI campaign of India

Kota is well known coaching hub but since last three years it has been given a step motherly treatment by our policy makers. It is well known facts that thousand of students come here for the preparation of IIT JEE and AIEEE. Till year 2007 Kota was the center of these two prestigious examinations, however suddenly our policy makers decided to remove it with out any apparent reasons. This harsh and foolish decision has made the life of thousands of students miserable because of the financial burden, emotional disturbance, and concentration implications when students move from one place to another place for appearing in the exam. 

We have been asking to CBSE and IIT for the reasons why Kota was removed from the list of examination centers of AIEEE & IIT JEE though RTI act. There are approximately 1000 RTIs filled to both IIT and CBSE for this. IITs did not even reply to single RTI, CBSE though replied but did not given any reason for dropping Kota. Even the first appeal filled by the citizens of Kota did not yield any result. 

CBSE First Appellate Authority Shri Pitam Singh,HOD(Spl. Exam) cited the confidentiality reasons for not giving us the required information with out quoting the relevant section of the RTI act. It seems that the decision of dropping Kota was politically motivated and the CBSE does not have any locus standi on this. It once again shows that these Institutions (CBSE & IITs) only serve the vested interests of its political masters hardly cares about the concerns of its common citizen.

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