Tuesday, March 23, 2010

NTSE Battle is still not won

SIERT has come out with revised results and it has satisfied some of us since our wards have been selected however this was never been the objective of this crusade. Personally I was looking forward to more transparency in this issue. At the end though it satisfies some of the parents but it still leaves lot of questions still unanswered such as : Why the papers and the answer keys are not provided to students? Why the marks and ranks are not told to students? Till the time we address fundamental issue here which is transparency, the battle is still not won.

This time we were lucky that SIERT has admitted its blunder since it affected many students just imagine what if SIERT misses two or three OMRs of deserving students and their name are not appeared in the selected list, students will assume that they are not selected, however they will never come to know they have been scapegoat of reckless behavior of SIERT. My experience of dealing with NCERT and KVPY makes me confident enough to say that any thing is possible here.

I would like parents to take initiative and seek information about zerox copy of the mark sheet, paper and answer key to believe on this result. Our collective effort will ensure that SIERT dare not repeat such act in future.

Students who are not selected should not loose heart and seek the information till they are not satisfied with it. You can write to me further in case of any query at nileshgupt@yahoo.com

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