Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SIERT still needs to disclose more information than jsur results

Prof Avatar Singh
Department of Educational Measurement & Evaluation
Sri Aurobindo Marg
NCERT, New Delhi-110016

File Ref No: Complain/SIERT/2

Sub: Complain regarding the NTSE stage 1 result of Rajasthan state declared on 04 and 20 Mar 10

Dear Sir,

SIERT has come out with the revised results on 20 Mar 10. This has put the big question marks on the credibility of how SIERT operates. SIERT in its earlier statements denied of any error in its results, however when faced with the pressure from the parents, SIERT has rechecked the results and declared the result once again.

It the end though it satisfies some of the parents but it still leaves lot of questions still unanswered such as : Why the papers and the answer keys are not provided to students? Why the marks and ranks are not told to students?

I would like your intervention in this matter and ask the SIERT to disclose the marks of all the selected and not selected students and at the same time copy of the mark sheet should be made available for inspection. Till these measures are not taken in its true spirit people will not have confidence in SIERT and NCERT.

We look forward to your intervention in this matter to restore the confidence of the people in the system.

Thanking you


1. Director, NCERT
2. Director, SIERT, 111,Saheli Marg, Udaipur
3. Joint Director, NCERT
4. Secretary, NCERT

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