Saturday, June 11, 2011

Use RTI to find the answer key of AIEEE 11

                                                                                                                                                                        Date: ____June 2011
Public Information Officer
G.L. Mittal
Asst. Secretary (AIEEE)
Central Board of Secondary Education,
PS 1-2, Institutional Area, IP Extension, Patparganj
Delhi 110 092, Phone: 011-22246095,

File Ref No: RTI/AIEEE/1

Sub: Information seeking under Right to Information Act.

Dear Sir,

I am submitting this request exercising my RIGHT TO INFORMATION to provide me following information on AIEEE 11

1.      Please give the official answer key of AIEEE 11 .
2.      Please give the details of the corrections / suggestions/ mistakes reported by email/ post or any other form of communication to you.

Please let me know the expense required for seeking this information. I am already sending the Rs 10/ postal order with this RTI request.

Thanking you

________________________________      (Signature)


________________________________            (Name & Permanent Address)


Encl: Rs 10/ postal order No. ____________


Anonymous said...

can i file a rti to aieee office online ?? help plz

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